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June 1, 2023

David Copeland · June 1, 2023
Newsletter · Volume: 23 Issue: 6

This month I want to take the time to thank all our friends and partners of Revival Now International for the faithful financial support you have given us over the last twenty-two years.

In August 2001, Pam and I left pastoral ministry with little money and a dream to see revival fire touch our nation. On my last day of pastoral ministry, we had one invitation to come and preach a Sunday service and the dream. It was more than a dream, it was a mandate from heaven that I felt if I did not obey this heavenly calling, I would physically die.

Little did I realize that within a few short months, this heavenly calling would take us to Haiti, Guyana, South America, Indonesia, Trinidad, and Kenya. For seven years, we served with World Harvest Missions in Guyana, helping teach and train Amerindian pastors in Region 1 (the area where Jim Jones led 917 people in a mass suicide in 1978), helped to plant many churches, and saw an entire village moved from a swampy location to a land where they are thriving today.

In August 2003, we took our first trip to Kenya. Sitting in that first session of a Pastor Leadership Conference, I greatly questioned whether I had heard from God. As I sat alone during that first tea break, the Lord spoke to my heart so clearly, that I knew beyond the shadow of a doubt, I was right in the center of His will. From that point, we began making multiple trips to Guyana and Kenya each year with the joy of the Lord being our guide. You gave and gave faithfully, helping us feed and serve pastors from every denomination in both Guyana and Kenya.

In 2009, Holy Spirit began to give me a great call to the nation of Kenya, and we discontinued traveling to Guyana, not because of problems but because the Macedonian call to East Africa became so strong (again) I thought I would physically die it I didn’t obey. In October 2009, while in prayer, the Lord spoke again clearly to my heart, telling me, “Get ready you are about to be going to Kenya more, and more, and more…”. I came out of my room and told Pam what the Spirit spoke to my heart, and she didn’t believe it at first, but God’s hand showed it to be true. Less than six weeks later, at a conference in southwest Kenya, my friend Dave Johnson and I were approached by a group of pastors asking us to develop some type of training for pastors who were not affiliated with any fellowship that provided training for their leaders; and the Revival Now School of Ministry was born.

We began in April 2010 with twenty-six students. Since then, we have graduated over one thousand pastors and leaders from Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and Rwanda whom this Sunday will touch over sixty thousand people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. What is significant about this number is that these men and women of God don’t pastor in large metropolitan areas; ninety percent of these leaders pastor in rural areas of East Africa, planting and overseeing many congregations at one time.

And you gave, and gave, and continue to give some more.

In 2013, Bishop Jackson Mongaine approached us about the need to build an orphanage to help care for the 133,000 orphans in that region. While I wanted to remain focused on teaching & training leaders, the call to orphans became stronger & stronger. In 2014 we purchased two acres of land that sat idle for a couple of years until we raised the first money to fence the property and drill the wells. Through the guiding hand of the Lord, we found favor with a company in Nairobi that drilled not one but two wells for Hope Centre. Talk about double portion!

And you gave, and gave, and gave.

In 2016, we began construction on the first dormitory for Hope Centre, which was completed and dedicated in June 2018. Since then, we have built another bathhouse, dormitory, two kitchens, a small farm, playground equipment, and a dining hall. In the last month, we have begun constructing a security wall which is completed around almost half of the property. Lord willing, in a few weeks, we hope to complete the purchase of two more acres of land adjoining the current property, which will allow us to expand the farm, helping us to grow more food for the children and again, Lord willing, allow us to be able to build a guest house on the property allowing us to stay with the children when we travel to the Kilgoris area.

Since early 2022, you have helped us build ten new small church buildings in the rural areas of Kenya for congregations who have been meeting under the trees.

When I think about all this work, I always praise God first for using us in this manner; second for touching your hearts to give toward these worthy projects. Pam and I live very meager lives here in the USA to be able to serve the people of the nations with the love of God and the Word of the Lord He has put in our hearts.

It seems gimmicky, but one day, when we stand before God, many people will come up to us and say, “Thank you!”

We know you can give to many worthy ministries doing great works for the Lord. But for those from the world’s rural areas, Pam and I say on their behalf now, THANK YOU FOR TRUSTING US WITH YOUR SEED!